Why Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Reportedly Won't Kiss at Their Wedding

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra likely won't kiss after they say "I do," but that will only be one thing missing from their upcoming three-night celebration.

The singer and the actress' upcoming festivities will be a weekend they will not forget, set to begin on Friday, Nov. 30.

"It's a very big deal in India," Indian wedding planner and Sonal J. Shah Event Consultants founder Sonal J. Shah told Us Weekly about the upcoming celebrity wedding.

Indian wedding festivities traditionally kickstart with a Haldi ceremony, where family members apply a turmeric paste on the bride and groom's faces, necks, hands and feet.

"It's basically like a cleaning before they get married," Shah said of the ceremony. "You're preparing the bride and you're preparing the groom. It's almost like a bridal shower, but this is more religious."

The ceremony is followed by another event known as a Mehendi ceremony.

"That's where the bride gets all of the henna put on her hands. All of the main family members do," Shah added. "Hundreds of years ago, people couldn't afford jewelry, so they would apply plant dye known better as henna. Back in the day, the henna decoration was what people could afford. It was like decorating the bride in jewelry because they couldn't afford real jewelry. The henna design is really intricate and beautiful."

The "decorating" tradition is followed by the Sangeet party, where Chopra's loved ones might do a dance or performance. Jonas' family, since they are not Indian might be learning some Bollywood sketches or dances for the event.

On the big wedding day, Chopra will get ready with her family members not seeing Jonas.

"The bride and the groom don't really see each other at all," Shah told the publication. "If it's traditional, then she'll get to the wedding venue, there'll be a priest there that will stay with her and bless her. Meanwhile, [Jonas] goes to what we call the Baraat and he will have some mode of transport."

Jonas was revealed earlier to be traveling to the big event by horse.

Once Jonas and Chopra come together, they will not share a kiss, as that is tradition in most American weddings.

"Typically at our weddings, there's not like a 'You may kiss the bride.' ... It's very religious," Shah explained, adding "the only time that you're really even touching" is a brief hand-holding moment.

As for the reception? Indian celebrations traditionally include lots of food, dancing and live music.


"The more food, the better it is," Shah said.

Is it too late for us to get an invite?