Lindsay Lohan's Father Concerned After Video of Alleged Altercation Surfaces

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(Photo: Facebook, Dahvi Shira)

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan has expressed concern for her after video of an alleged altercation between the actress and her boyfriend Egor Tarabasov surfaced.

In a video published by The Sun, a woman who identified herself as Lohan shouts at a man on her balcony, accusing him of attempting to strangle her. Neighbors called the police, who broke down the door of the residence but found no one inside. Neither Lohan nor Tarabasov have confirmed that they were involved in the noisy row.

Lohan's father, however, spoke out about the incident, and revealed he had been on the phone with his daughter at the time.

"I'm heartbroken for her. She was on the phone with me when she was going through it," he told PEOPLE. "She was frantic, she was in a bad position and I wanted to get her to a safe place and get her help."

The alleged altercation happened the same week Lohan went on a dramatic social media rant accusing her fiance of cheating and hinting that she might be pregnant.


Lohan currently resides in London. According to her father, the distance is the part that makes it so difficult for him to get a sense of how she's really doing.

"The hardest part, the most frustrating part is not being able to be there," he explained. "Thank god she has a great support system and she was able to get out of there."