Kristen Bell Gushes Over 'Ranch' Star Husband Dax Shepard Amid Cheating Allegations: 'He Is Truly the Man of My Dreams'

Kristen Bell took to Instagram today to defend her husband Dax Shepard, after Kayti Edwards claimed she had an affair with The Ranch star after he started dating Bell.

On Thursday night, Bell posted a video from her bed on her Instagram Story, with The Ranch star beside her. In the clip, Shepard told her he was planning on getting her a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner for Christmas.

"He is truly the man of my dreams," the Good Place star wrote above the video. "The cordless Dyson is lit."

kristen bell bed instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Kristen Bell)

Shepard was more direct with his response to the cheating allegations, which surfaced on Thursday after Edwards spoke with The Daily Mail.

"Hey Daily Mail, that photo is 13 years old, not 9," Shepard wrote, alongside a screenshot of the Daily Mail article. "Also, Kayti has sold stories to tabloids about Matthew Perry, Jack Osbourne, Kid Rock, and now me. I look forward to her next one. Fingers crossed it's about my #1, Brad Pitt."

In the interview with the British tabloid, Edwards, the step-granddaughter of Julie Andrews, claimed she had a "brief" casual relationship with Shepard in 2005.

They met each other again in late 2009 at a Hollywood party, two years after Shepard began dating Bell, Edwards claims. She told The Daily Mail they went back to her friend's house where they "made love" and "had sex twice."

"I didn't know he had a girlfriend at the time, he didn't seem to care," Edwards told the Daily Mail.

As Shepard pointed out in his Instagram response, Edwards has a history of claiming to be romantically involved with celebrities in tabloid interviews.

In February 2018, InTouch Weekly claimed she had a decade-long affair with Kid Rock, and published text messages she provided as evidence of their conversations. Then in April, she was seen outside a Los Angeles hotel with Jack Osbourne, the son of Ozzy Osbourne, and tabloids claimed they were an item.

And in August 2018, she claimed she had a "six-month fling" with former Friends star Matthew Perry and was a first-hand witness of his struggle with Vicodin and alcoholism. She even claimed an assistant called her after Perry superglued his hands to his legs.

In her interview with The Daily Mail, Edwards tried to downplay those previous tabloid reports.

"Tabloids have painted me out to be this Holly home-wrecker, you know the mistress, but they don't know the back story, they don't know the truth," Perry said. "The same with Kid Rock, Kid Rock and I dated before he was with this woman and before I was married, we dated and remained friends. So it's a big stretch to say that I was his mistress for ten years when I only saw him a couple of times."


Bell can be seen in NBC's The Good Place, which returns Jan. 10.

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