Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Still Living Together After Divorce Filing

'He hasn’t moved out of the house,' an insider told PEOPLE of Baskett. “I wouldn’t rule out [...]

"He hasn't moved out of the house," an insider told PEOPLE of Baskett. "I wouldn't rule out a reconciliation. She doesn't have a plan right now."

However, the sources said the couple is not keeping secrets from their two young children, son Hank IV, 8, and daughter Alijah Mary, 3.

"They've told the kids they're splitting up," the source said. "They're not keeping them in the dark about anything.

Since the 32-year-old Wilkinson filed for divorce from the 35-year-old retired football player on April 6, the couple have spent time together to be with their children. For example, they were seen at Alijah's first soccer game just days after they filed for divorce. In addition, some sources have said a reconciliation is possible.

Sources told The Blast on April 13 that they are "attempting to work things out" and "things are getting better between them." However, the sources cautioned that it was too early to tell if they would reconcile.

Baskett himself told TMZ Monday he will "always leave the door open" when asked if the couple might get back together. When asked if they would reunite for their kids or out of love for one another, he said, "I would say both."

Wilkinson and Baskett listed "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their divorce. She also listed Jan. 1, 2018 as the date of separation.

"I'm beyond sad and heartbroken because I did believe in forever, that's why I said yes, but unfortunately too much fear has gotten in the way. We are both amazing parents and our kids will be happy n never know the difference other than seeing mama smile," Wilkinson wrote on Instagram.

She continued, "Sometimes love looks funny. We are told to make sacrifices in life if it's true love well in this case it's me. I want to see happy Hank again... I miss that. Marriage was just a piece of paper and a piece of jewellery but our hearts will always be real."

The couple married in 2009 at the Playboy Mansion, where Wilkinson lived during her days as a Playboy model. Their marriage was rocked in 2014 when Baskett allegedly had an affair with a transgender model while Wilkinson was still pregnant with Alijah.

"[You] will [probably] see us together a lot but it's because there's no hate," Wilkinson wrote. "Love wins in this case it's just looks a little funny. Thank you Hank for a beautiful 8 years of marriage and 2 beautiful kids. I feel so thankful and blessed."