Julianne Hough Was a 'Warrior' During IVF Process, Husband Brooks Laich Gushes

Brooks Laich has got to be one of the most supportive husbands out there! The former NHL player called his wife, Julianne Hough, a "warrior" during the couple's "super challenging" IVF process.

"As a husband, I just go into full support mode," he said in a recent podcast interview, according to PEOPLE. "Whatever my wife needs, whatever I can do, I'm fighting the smallest portion of the fight with her. There are certain things in my wife's life that I know she appreciates that help her feel calm and help her feel relaxed, so I double those efforts during that time just to show that I'm there and with her and I support her."

During his iHeartRadio podcast How Men Think the 36-year-old NHL player reveals quite a bit about his relationship to the former Dancing With the Stars pro — one of them being the IVF process and her challenge with endometriosis.

"Knowing she has endometriosis, it could potentially make things challenging in the future to conceive naturally," he mentioned. "That was just a looking at the big picture and what we want as a family."

He added that Hough froze some of her eggs last year and will "never forget" the commitment that she's made so that they can have a family one day.

The 30-year-old America's Got Talent judge had to use three shots a day — and deal with the up-and-down hormones, plus mood swings — but her husband of almost two years called her a "champion."

It's typical that not many couples talk about going through IVF process publicly, however, this couple has hopes of breaking that stigma and knocking down barriers by discussing the highs and lows of what all it entails. To their surprise, the amount of love and support from fans is colossal.

"The outpouring has been incredible," he revealed. "Text messages from friends that I didn't even know were considering it, messages on Twitter and Facebook, Instagram, people thanking us for opening up about that. I just hope it helps people."

Their two-year marriage anniversary is in a few days on July 8, and Laich says the couple feels closer than ever right now.

"She's super supportive and at the same time super challenging," he admitted. "We've been together five-and-a-half years, and I can't even remember life before her. It's crazy.


Something else they recently opened up about was their sex life and fans loved it. Hough appeared on his podcast and her husband even admitted that he learned a thing or two about his wife after she was on the show.