Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel Reveal New Holiday Selfie That Has Fans Talking

Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel are preparing to spend their first Christmas as a couple. And what better way to celebrate that fact than with some festive holiday selfies?

Days before Christmas, Scott took to Instagram to show fans exactly how he and Deschanel are spending the holiday season. In one photo, the pair posed for a selfie with little Christmas cookie versions of themselves.

Scott also shared a couple of other photos. He posted one of the pair with magician David Copperfield and another of their very creative, personal Guess Who game, which featured photos of Scott, Deschanel, and their family members on the board. In other words, it sounds like Scott and Deschanel have had a very exciting holiday season.

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"When you surround yourself with amazing, creative people...the result is magical :)," Scott captioned the photo.

Many of Scott's fans couldn't help but comment on his magical post.

"Glad to see you have had a festive magical weekend Jonathan," one fan commented on the Property Brothers star's Instagram post.

"You two make the cutest couple !" another fan wrote. "Your happiness is so genuine ! Merry Christmas to both of you."

"Omg. So happy that you are both happy," yet another fan commented on Jonathan's lovely post. "This is what life is all about! Never know what is gonna happen!"

Scott and Deschanel have been dating for a few months now. And, as previously mentioned, this holiday season marks their first together as an official couple.

It was previously reported in mid-September that the two were an item. The news came about a month after the pair were seen filming Carpool Karaoke together, which is when they first met. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Scott recounted what went through his mind when he and his brother, Drew Scott, met up with Deschanel and her sister, Emily Deschanel, to film the bit. According to Scott, he and his brother weren't aware that they would be filming with the sisters beforehand but, once they got started, they all instantly clicked.


"We were laughing — you know, the sibling dynamic. I think there's something with siblings that only other siblings can really understand," he told the publication. "We don't play a character on our shows. We were just being ourselves and they know that we don't take ourselves too seriously. So when we met them, both Zooey and Emily are the exact same way. We just had so much fun."

Now, months after their original, fun meeting, Deschanel and Scott are officially an item and showing off their adorable bond on Instagram for all of their fans to see.