JoJo Fletcher Helps Remove Nail From Jordan Rodgers' Butt in Cute Photo

This is true love at its finest.

If you follow the former Bachelorette couple Joelle (JoJo) Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers on social media, then you might already be familiar with their goofy posts and stories. But things seem to be hitting a whole new level for the couple as evidenced in one of Rodgers' most recent posts.

The former Vanderbilt quarterback fell butt first into a nail that stabbed him right in the left buttock. However, the 30-year-old reality TV star was kind enough to share with fans how he dealt with the unfortunate situation.

"CAN'T MAKE THIS UP — fell backward onto a nail while dumpster diving for a counter top we mistakenly threw ripped through my jeans struck me right in the left BUTT CHEEK!!!"

He continued to say that "this is what love really looks like" as Fletcher was wiping blood out of his crack while spraying it with alcohol.

Fletcher and Rodgers were filming their upcoming CNBC home renovation series Cash Pad when Rodgers found himself in the stabbing predicament. The show, which premieres July 25, highlights the couple as they transform ordinary homes and apartments in the Dallas, Austin and Phoenix communities into short-term rental properties.

This won't be a first for them though. They've shared their renovation operations on their own Dallas home on their web series Engaged With JoJo & Jordan. Additionally, they were very open about the process of opening up a Red Bicycle location in Nashville, Tennessee, proving to have a genuine interest in home renovation procedures.

While the cute couple seem to be at their best now, it wasn't always like that. According to Us Weekly, Fletcher admitted that their first year together was a tough one.

"We're in the best place ever," Fletcher said. "We've been very open about our first year being tough — it wasn't the easiest. We had definitely some rocky, rocky moments, but those were growing years. And so, we are at the best stage we've ever been in our relationship. Life just keeps getting better, you fall more in love. That sounds cheesy, but it's true."

The young couple fell in love on The Bachelorette in 2016 and ended up getting engaged by the end of it. Since then, both have gone one to do great things not just together, but in their own separate careers.


Photo credit: Getty Images / WireImage