John Legend Takes Dig at Melania Trump in New Vanity Fair Interview

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen have a huge spread in Vanity Fair this month, where they discussed everything from work to family to politics. They spoke about President Donald Trump at length in the interview, and Legend even got in a jab at First Lady Melania Trump when the interviewer joked that Teigen and Legend would be "a first family we could believe in."

They began by addressing the president's angry tweets about them, which went up last month.

Vanity Fair's Karen Valby wondered in the piece: "How could Trump's ego withstand the couple's goodness and glamour?" She bestowed on them the title of "Relationship Goals," and suggested that they might be a more heartening sight in the White House than the Trump family.

"Uh, I did Sports Illustrated and covered my boobs with a leaf," Teigen responded, as if to say that her risque modeling past disqualified her from public service.

"But hasn't Melania opened the door for anyone to be a first lady?" Legend argued.

"The biggest issue about this presidency is how they've just lowered standards for everything," he added. "Hopefully we'll reset?"

In the early days of President Trump's candidacy, many thought that his marriage would disqualify him from politics. Unlike other wholesome public figures, the president has been divorced twice. Additionally, the First Lady is a former model, who posed nude for GQ Magazine in 2000. Like many others, Legend seems torn between wanting the standards to be raised again and wanting the doors to be open for women like his wife.

"We know this president has a particular aversion to strong women coming after him, particularly women of color," he added later.

The couple have been outspoken opponents of President Trump from the beginning. Teigen is reportedly blocked by him on Twitter, but she sees his tweets in screenshots sent by friends. According to the report, they have the Twitter exchange from last month framed on their wall.

At the time, President Trump posted a furious tweet calling Legend a "boring" singer, and referring to Teigen as his "filthy mouthed wife." Teigen could not respond directly due to the block, but she posted her own tweet in response.


"lol what a p— a— b—. tagged everyone but me. an honor, mister president," she wrote.