Jimmy Fallon Wants Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez to Get Married During the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are all set to get married, but the pair have yet to announce when and where they plan to tie the knot. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon recently made a suggestion, however, telling Rodriguez that he wants then to exchange their "I Do's" during the Super Bowl Halftime show. It was previously announced that Lopez would be doing the show with fellow pop-diva Shakira, and during a visit to The Tonight Show this week, Rodriguez got to here all about Fallon's idea for where he and Lopez should marry,

Fallon asked the former MLB star, "Have you picked a venue yet?" Rodriguez confirmed that they have "not yet" chosen a location, to which Fallon replied, "I have a good idea... The Super Bowl."

This was met with laughter and applause from the audience, prompting Fallon to continue making his case. "She's doing the Halftime show... everyone would love it," he said. "It would be the first time anyone's ever done it. There's like a 100,000,000 people watching. No one's ever done a wedding during the Super Bowl Halftime show. It would just be epic."

"We're trying to think a little bit smaller," Rodriguez said with a smile. "If you do that, then you don't have to worry about not inviting people," Fallon joked. "That's right, and I can probably save some money," Rodriguez then quipped.

In a previous interview, Lopez commented in the news that she will be co-headlining the big event.

"Super Bowl halftime show! I can say it out loud now. It's going to be a big party — you know, me, Shakira, the Super Bowl stage... We are bringing out all the tricks. We're going to have some amazing surprises as well. You know, Miami, it's our town, it's a very Latino town. We're going to have a mix of English and Spanish. It's going to be really special," she said.

Lopez also previously commented on having Shakira along with her for the Halftime show, saying, "This is gonna be so much fun! She's such a dynamic performer, she does her own thing. There's nobody like her so I know that the two of us together are going to bring that special brand of what we do and there will be people who haven't even seen us perform who get to see something special that night. It's going to be an exciting show."

"That's what you can expect," she added, per PEOPLE. "When you think about Shak and you think about what I do, the combination of that, I think of an explosion of fun and energy!"


Super Bowl LIV will be played on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Photo Credit: Getty Images