Jennifer Lopez Spotted Visiting Ben Affleck on Set of His New Movie

Bennifer is still going strong. The Marry Me star was spotted visiting her beau on the set of his new film. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited 18 years after ending their engagement and say they've found eternal love in one another that'll last a lifetime. Affleck is currently filming an untitled flick about Nike in L.A. Daily Mail snapped shots of the pair in town. Lopez, 52, dressed in white wide-leg pants and a black top with platform black heels. Her hair was pulled back in a tight, sleek bun with gold hoop earrings as she held Affleck's hand. Affleck, 49, donned a more casual look as he wore a black hoodie as he puffed on a cigarette. 

Both have been open about their excitement to be back together after so many years apart, showing the world that soulmates really do exist. Their romance was tabloid fodder, which they say helped break them up the first time around. Both admit they were too accessible and shared too much. While they don't mind being vocal about their love for one another, they do prefer to keep certain things private this time around. Now, they simply want to focus on each other and their blended family. Both have two children from previous marriages.

"I just want my future to be full of love and happiness, with my children and my partner," Lopez told PEOPLE in February 2022. "I think everybody just wants to be happy, with somebody to go on the journey with and grow old with, and I feel good about that right now. To see the person, the human being, the man that he is today, the father that he is today, the partner that he is — he is so everything I always knew he was and wanted to be."

She noted their romance is "a beautiful love story." Lopez added: "What I can teach my children is that real love exists. Some things can be forever, but it doesn't mean they just have a straight line."