Jen Harley's Mugshot Released Following 'Jersey Shore' Ex's Arrest

Jen Harley's mugshot has been released after she was arrested on Sunday in front of her two-month-old daughter with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

Harley and Magro, the Jersey Shore star, went out to a barbecue together on Sunday afternoon, according to a report by The Blast. The couple was on the way home when they got into yet another heated argument. Harley was driving, but that didn't stop her from hitting Magro, according to sources.

(Photo: Las Vegas Police Department)

The mugshot shows how Harley was expecting the afternoon to go. The young mother had her make-up on in full effect, with high arched eyebrows and lip gloss. Her eye lashes were done up with mascara and her hair fell in deliberate waves down her shoulders. Still, she gave a fearsome look to the camera, perhaps offering a glimpse at the fury Magro was treated with.

During their fight in motion on Sunday, Harley reportedly drove into something on the road, blowing a tire. As she pulled over, sources close to the couple say Magro tried to jump out of the car to escape her attacks. However, she wasn't prepared to let him go that easily. Harley reportedly took off at a high speed, dragging the reality star alongside the car. Magro is said to have suffered from serious road rash on his arm after the ordeal.

All the while, the couple's infant daughter was secured in the back seat. Harley was picked up later and taken to the Clark County Detention Center, where she remains on $3,000 bail.

Magro and Harley have had a hard time trying to co-parent their new bundle of joy. Shortly after Ariana Sky's birth back in April, they began to have a series of highly publicized fights, even revealing unflattering things about each other on social media. It's unclear when they split for good, but the two of them are facing even more challenges as co-parents than they did as a couple, by all accounts.

In an episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation that aired earlier this month, Magro revealed that he had longstanding concerns about his future with Harley.

"I'm just more worried about me and Jen, to be honest with you, because I don't know where we stand," he told his reality TV family. "I mean, we're together, and I mean I want to be with her, I love her. I just don't know where her heart is."

"Truthfully," he continued, "I just don't trust her. So I'm more worried about what happens after."

Magro later said that he knew Harley had cheated on him, and she admitted as much in a subsequent Us Weekly interview. However, he himself seemed to cross a line when the Jersey Shore cast stepped out to a Miami club and he danced with a stranger in a mesh shirt. Fans were stunned to see Magro cheating, knowing that he was being filmed for national television.


The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation season finale is scheduled to air on Thursday, June 28 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. The show has already been picked up for another season, which has begun filming in Las Vegas.