How Actor Jason Mamoa Put the 'Wow' in Jwoww's Christmas

Jennifer Lynn Farley — known affectionately to fans as Jwoww — has been happily married for more than two years now. The reality star met the love of her life on Jersey Shore, and it looks like he's learned the secret to keeping her happy.

Farley posted on Instagram late last night revealing one of her flashiest presents from her husband, Roger Mathews. He picked up a life-sized cardboard cut-out of actor Jason Momoa, complete with a bow on his corrugated lapel.

For most families, the hyper-handsome actor might look out of place standing beside their bedecked tree and mound of wrapped gifts. It might be odd for some husbands to position his smoldering visage under the framed wedding picture on the wall. For Jwoww, that's just a way of life.

The reality star has appeared on numerous programs for MTV, but in 2018 she'll finally get back to her roots. The cast of Jersey Shore is preparing for their long-awaited return to television with Jersey Shore: Family Reunion coming sometime next year. The revival series is set to feature the entire original cast except for Sammi Sweetheart. Fans speculate that, since the cast is older and more mature, the new show will focus more on their families and professional lives and less on the interpersonal drama that built it up.


In addition, Jwoww has a talk show premiering on TLC next month. Young Americans begins airing on Jan. 27, and promises to "entertain, educate," and "empower" millennials.