How Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' Close Bond Began Revealed in New Report

They say friends can turn into lovers, and in the case of former GMA co-hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, that's exactly what happened. Their relationship was exposed in November 2022 via The Daily Mail while both were still legally married to their respective spouses. Insiders close to the new couple say they were already separated from their spouses and planning to divorce. Still, the story was published in advance of making their relationship known under their own terms. Thy's since been fired from their longstanding jobs at ABC. Despite such, they are putting on a united front, with beachside vacations and loads of PDA. Many have wondered how they got together, especially as rumors about their friendship with each other's now-estranged spouses have run rampant. A source told Us Weekly that Robach leaned on Holmes as her marriage to Andrew Schue was falling apart.

"When Amy was having issues with Andrew around 2020 to 2022, she was confiding in T.J.," the source says, adding that the two shared a close friendship prior to things turning romantic. By the end of the marriage, the source notes that "Andrew wasn't supporting her," when Robach, 50, "challenged herself to run four marathons in 2022." Holmes was supportive. As a result, the source says Robach and Holmes' "bond was made stronger because of that, and that's when it all started," and that the two are "together, he's [Holmes] in awe of Amy."

But while they are seemingly still very much in love, Robach's friends are said to be concerned. Page Six reports Robach's friends believe the former 20/20 contributor is "painting a picture of how happy in love they are," but they fear her career may be permanently damaged and not worth the fallout her relationship with Holmes has caused. The report notes that Robach "is still saying this is it… [they're] the real deal, but it's starting to feel maybe more like — instead of [her] being a firm believer [of their love], now it's more like she's trying to convince herself that's the case." Another source says the opposite, stating that Robach and Holmes, "they love each other" and say they are "best friends."

The source adds: "They're two consenting adults who ended up loving each other. They were both going through their own hell [in difficult marriages]. They've been there for each other." 

Her friends don't think she realizes the severity of the situation. Some "are really trying to get through to her in a way… maybe it's starting to work a little bit, but she truly feels like they're in love."