'Game of Thrones' Star Emilia Clarke's New Boyfriend Revealed

Emilia Clarke has a new love interest. After finding fictional love in the 2018 film Last Christmas, the Game of Thrones alum is reportedly finding love in the real world hitting it off assistant director Tom Turner, who is said to have previously dated Mission Impossible star Rebecca Ferguson. The romance comes after Clarke split from her Charlie Mcdowell last year.

Although neither Clarke nor Turner have confirmed rumors of their romance, a source told The Sun on Sunday that Turner is "already pretty smitten" with Clarke. It is unclear when the duo started dating, the source explaining that Turner "used to date Rebecca but they split because she was a bit older than him," but things are reportedly already getting serious, as Turner already "sees a long-term future between them," according to the Mirror. Clarke is reportedly just as smitten, the outlet's reporting that she has "fallen" for Turner, whom she was recently seen walking her dog Ted with.

The outlet's source added that Clarke's high-profile life doesn't faze Turner as he is "used to hanging out with A-listers because of his job working on high-profile films and his social set." While Clarke certainly has some big credits to her name, Turner has an impressive resume as well, having worked on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Charlie's Angels, and the upcoming Disney movie Cruella.

The former Game of Throne star's new romance comes just months after she admitted that she struggles to date while living her life in the spotlight. Speaking with The Sunday Times in March, the actress said, who confirmed that she was single, said that "dating in this industry is interesting," according to MSN. Clarke went on to reveal that she had stopped dating actors, stating, "I can say at a fun dinner. I was [dating actors] but I'm not now. I mean, I wouldn't say I've completely sworn off them, but I do think actor relationships that are successful are few and far between, and you have to have a ton of trust."


Along with Turner and ex-boyfriend Mcdowell, who is now dating Lily Collins, Clarke has also been linked to Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane, whom she reportedly dated for six months in 2012. She has also been linked to actor Jared Leto.