'Even Stevens' Star Margo Harshman Files for Divorce

Margo Harshman, who played Tawny Dean on the Disney Channel's Even Stevens, filed for divorce from [...]

Margo Harshman, who played Tawny Dean on the Disney Channel's Even Stevens, filed for divorce from her husband Austen Hooks. The two were married for a little more than a year.

According to court documents filed Thursday in Los Angeles and obtained by TMZ, Harshman, 32, listed Oct. 4 as the date of separation. She also does not want to pay Hooks, who works in the music business, spousal support.

Harshman asked for control of her own assets, including her home in the Los Angeles area, a labradoodle named Bullet, a trailer and a Honda Pilot. She wants Hooks to have his 2000 Toyota Tundra. She wants a court to decide control of their gun safe and firearms.

It is not clear what led to their separation. They do not have any children together.

Harshman gained fame for starring in Even Stevens alongside Shia LaBeouf, who starred as Louis Stevens. Her character, Tawny, was one of Louis' best friends and they eventually started dating. She appeared in 47 episodes, along with the 2003 Even Stevens Movie.

Since the series ended, Harshman starred in the short-lived 2003 WB series Run of the House. She also appeared in episodes of Grey's Anatomy, 90210, Modern Family and Boston Legal. In 2012 and 2013, she appeared as Sheldon Cooper's assistant Alex Jensen on The Big Bang Theory. She also played the wife of Tim McGee (Sean Murray) in 13 episodes of NCIS.

While LaBeouf is busy with his indie movie projects, Even Stevens is always a show fans hope to see revived. Christy Carlson Romano recently told Us Weekly she would be interested in playing Louis' older sister, Ren, again.

"I think it could be super great if we could do it where I come back and then I have two children and maybe it's like a gender swap where the girl is more like the Shia LaBeouf character and the boy is more of the type A," Romano, who has a cameo in the upcoming live-action Kim Possible Disney Channel movie, told Us Weekly. "It's up to Disney, I know there's a lot of changes happening right now at Disney, so we'll just have to wait and see, and maybe they'll realize that it could be a really good idea. And the fans are so great."

Romano also said she does not keep in frequent contact with LaBeouf, calling him "really hard to track down."

"We were gonna do a reunion, and I think he was only in town for a certain amount of time, but I was filming a movie in Florida, and this was in July," Romano said. "So we keep missing each other, but we always wish each other the best."

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment