'ER' Star Anthony Edwards Secretly Married Mare Winningham Last Year

Congratulations are in order for Anthony Edwards. The ER alum is officially a married man after he said "I do" to Mare Winningham. In a recent interview with Esquire, the actor revealed that he and Winningham privately eloped last year following nearly 40 years of friendship. The couple notably co-starred in the '80s thriller feature Miracle Mile.

Speaking to the outlet in a piece published in late February, Edwards shared that he and the Dopesick star eloped in an intimate ceremony that was "just the two of them and an old friend to officiate." Edwards, who most recently appears in Netlix's Inventing Anna, joked, "we're too old to throw weddings." During the discussion, Edwards also gushed about his wife, sharing, "she's just spectacular. She's an amazing singer and she's a wonderful actress and she's an incredible person."

The couple's marriage followed years of friendship. Although both married other people during the course of that friendship, they remained close before things eventually turned romantic and grew more serious when they began living in New York City at the same time in 2020. In a previous interview with Fox News Digital in April 2020, Edwards opened up about how he and Winningham grew closer amid the pandemic and the coronavirus lockdown period.

"We've been having incredible walks. We have a family staying with us with a young child, our godson, who's only 19 months old, so we've formed this group for the last five weeks," he shared. "It's been really nice to get into some different rhythms and also use technology as we're using today to connect with people. We're trying to prioritize what is important to this life when we're realizing how fragile it is when a pandemic can come in and take so many of us so quickly."

Prior to his relationship with Winningham, Edwards was previously married to Jeanine Lobell. The former couple tied the knot in 1994 and welcomed four children – Bailey, 27, Wallis and Esme, both 21, and Poppy, 19 – before they split in 2015. Winningham, meanwhile, was formerly married to Adolfo Martinez. Their marriage lasted for less than a year before they split. Following her split from Martinez in 1981, Winningham married William Mapel the following year. The pair welcomed five children – Happy Atticus, 33, Calla, 35, Jack, 36, Patrick, 39, and Riley, who died in 2005 at the age of 24 – before they divorced in 1996. In 2008, the actress married Jason Trucco. They separated in 2012 after four years of marriage.