Emily Ratajkowski Subtly Reacts to Pete Davidson Dating Headlines

Emily Ratajkowski gave the most subtle acknowledgment to the rumors that she is dating Pete Davidson on Friday. Although the model and actress has not commented on the widespread rumors yet, she did "like" one tweet about the story on Friday. That tweet came from none other than singer Dionne Warwick, who joked: "I will be dating Pete Davidson next."

Davidson's love life has long since surpassed the point of being a meme, with commenters astounded by the beautiful and famous women he has wooed despite his constant self-deprecating humor. After his breakup with Kim Kardashian back in August, fans have been on the edges of their seats wondering who he will wind up with next, and apparently, Ratajkowski is the one. According to a report by Glamour, they have been spotted out together in New York City several times recently, and witnesses have posted on social media about seeing their public displays of affection.

So far, the evidence is scarce and relatively thin. An anonymous tipster sent a message to the celebrity gossip account deuxmoi saying: "CANT BELIEVE IM SAYING THIS. EMRATA AND PETE DAVIDSON ON A DATE IN BROOKLYN TOGETHER. HOLDING HANDS AND ALLLLL." They wrote that Davidson's "hands were alllll over her" and speculated that the duo seemed to be "hooking up," though there's no telling where things stand between them right now.

Davidson's dating history includes comedians Carly Aquilino and Cazzie David, Actresses Margaret Qualley and Phoebe Dynevor, and model Kaia Gerber. However, the meme about his love life truly began after his brief but passionate relationship with singer Ariana Grande. Many fans on social media seemed sympathetic to Davidson after Grande broke up with him in 2018, but then they were shocked when he turned up a few months later dating actress Kate Beckinsale.

It's unclear how and when things fizzled out between Davidson and Beckinsale, but Davidson was single around the time that Kardashian finalized her divorce from Kanye West. Many commenters speculated that Kardashian pursued Davidson intentionally to play on the meme, but they dated for about nine months. In the meantime, Warwick has become a staple of celebrity Twitter in recent years, and has clearly become familiar with this particular meme.

Whether Ratajkowski is truly dating Davidson remains to be seen. Many fans are hoping Warwick will have him on her arm next, or joking about Davidson's romantic future on social media.