'Dancing With the Stars': Emma Slater and Sasha Farber Split After 4-Year Marriage

Dancing With the Stars couple Emma Slater and Sasha Farber have decided to call it quits. After four years of marriage, Slater, 33, and Farber, 38, have split, multiple sources told Us Weekly."They've been apart for many months now," a source said. "They both have not been wearing their wedding rings and are each leading a single life."

While the pair made a "tough decision" to end their relationship, they are "figuring out" how to live apart, the source revealed. "It's been a difficult time since they really care about each other and have been together for so long," the insider told the outlet, adding that they have not yet divorced.

The two castmates are "leaning on friends for support" as they move forward, continuing to work together as professional dancers as they did after their 2014 split."They're pros and won't let their personal life get in the way of DWTS," the source explained.

There have been rumors this year that the ballroom dancers were splitting up due to their absence from each other's Instagram pages. In recent months, Slater attended castmate Brandon Armstrong's wedding alone while traveling to Italy with her parents. In March, neither of them publicly recognized their fourth wedding anniversary.

The two first connected in 2011 and dated for three years before breaking up in 2014. The couples' romance faded into friendship, but their love never diminished. Slater told Glamour regarding the split, "I don't think we're supposed to finish together. I think there are other people that might make us both individually happy, but I'm always going to be his best friend. It has just happened in the way we have gone from a beautiful three-year relationship, which I love and cherish, to best friends."

Eventually, the partners reunited, and Farber proposed to Slater on national television during season 23 of DWTS in 2016. Farber got down on one knee following their performance of Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are."  

Afterward, Slater wrote on Instagram, "Yesterday was the biggest day of my life. I'm going to marry the best man on earth. After being with Sash for so many years, there's probably nothing he could have said to me that he hasn't said before, and getting engaged was something that felt so natural because it was right. So being able to do it in a massive way where we could share that exact moment with all our best friends, my family at home in England, Sasha's family at home in Australia, and everybody who loves watching the show, was by far the best ever proposal I could have asked for."

Slater and Farber exchanged vows in Los Angeles two years later, in March 2018. Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, Witney Carson, Lindsay Arnold, Alfonso Ribeiro, Lindsey Sterling, Rashad Jennings, Kim Fields, Terra Jole, and Drew and Jonathan Scott were among the guests.

Speculation that Farber and Slater had split picked up on August 9, 2022, after Farber shared a downbeat video about loss on his Instagram Stories without providing context or a caption. A child's voice narrates throughout the clip: "People come into our lives, and you never know for how long. Sometimes they leave at the end of the movie and sometimes they leave right in the middle. And it's confusing and weird and messed up and painful. It's so painful. But I want you to look at pain as this thing. This tangible thing." 

"Let's say pain is a box. When you take the box out of your chest, and you open it up, it's all the memories and all the love. And all the good times you had with this person. It might be dark and gray on the outside, but the inside is beautiful because the box is the reminder that they were real. I know this is so hard but I also know that you got this. I believe in you and I love you. Byyye," the narration reads.