Coco Austin Addresses Ice-T Breakup Rumors After a Fan Asks If Couple Split

Coco Austin recently had to set the record straight regarding her relationship with her husband Ice-T. As InTouch Weekly noted, Austin addressed rumors that the couple had split by noting that they were indeed still going strong. The whole matter was sparked by one Instagram user, who commented on a photo of Austin with her and Ice-T's daughter Chanel to ask about those aforementioned rumors.

“Is it true you are Ice are not together anymore?” the user commented on the photo, which showcased Austin and Chanel having a fun time whilst in quarantine amidst the current coronavirus crisis. In response to the question, the Ice Loves Coco star took to the comments section in order to address the matter directly. She wrote, "Where did you hear that? We’ve been together for 19 years … Wherever you heard that is fake.” Fans were incredibly relieved to hear Austin's response.

“All right that’s good I was just wondering,” the user replied, with another adding, “I’m glad it’s fake news you guys you one of my favorite couples.”

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It's unclear where this rumor originated, but, as Austin said, she and the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star are definitely still going strong. According to PopSugar, the couple has been together since 2001. Only two months after they met, they tied the knot on Dec. 31, 2001. They've since gone on to welcome a daughter together, Chanel, who is 4 years old.

Recently, in an interview with InTouch Weekly, Austin shared that her bond with Ice-T has only continued to grow since welcoming their daughter.

“Now that Chanel’s involved, it really bonded us even in a better way,” she explained in January. “We didn’t know we could get closer, but having Chanel made us even closer, if that even make sense.”

“It’s the goal. And I’m like, ‘How much closer can you get?’ but there is definitely a real true love bond. You don’t see it, you just feel it. And you’re just hoping that it always stays that way," she added.


Austin also addressed how they've managed to make their relationship work for almost two decades.

“We happened in a blink,” she told the publication, adding, “We have such a really cool bond, Ice and I, and a good friendship — not just a marriage, but a good friendship. And we’re just so comfortable with each other at this point that it’s like you can’t see one another without each other.”