Catherine Zeta-Jones Wishes Her Father-In-Law Kirk Douglas a Happy 100th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kirk!

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Catherine Zeta-Jones is celebrating a milestone, or a century to be exact.

Her father-in-law Kirk Douglas just turn 100 years old!

Zeta-Jones made a slideshow of Douglas’ career and life playing along to “Young Americans” by David Bowie. Photos show him hanging out with his family, including his son Michael Douglas and playing with his grandkids in gladiator costumes.

This birthday was one to celebrate as Kirk was in a helicopter crash in 1991 and suffered a stroke in 1996.

The three-time Oscar nominee has appeared in more than 90 movies and TV shows since he began acting in 1940.


According to Us, Kirk is busy working on a secret project since taking a break from the spotlight in 2008.

Happy Birthday Kirk, can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on!