Cardi B Gave Husband Offset $500K in Cash for His Birthday

Offset got a remarkable birthday gift from his wife, Cardi B this week, leaving many fans envious. In a viral video on Instagram, the rapper opened a refrigerator to find that Cardi B had given him half-a-million dollars in cash. Offset cradled the money in his arms with glee.

Cardi B has had a huge year, earning millions of dollars between her music, her performances, endorsements and movies. All of that makes money seem like very little to the "Bodak Yellow" rapper, so she decided to get her husband a stack of cash as a novelty for his 28th birthday.

Cardi B posted a video on Instagram of Offset finding his present. She had apparently hidden $500,000 in the form of $100 bills inside an empty fridge, explaining that he was a hard man to shop for.

"So, everyone's sayin' you got every car, every jewelry,you got everything, you got every shoe - what else can I give somebody who got everything?" she said in the clip.

Offset sat surrounded by friends in the video, trying to puzzle out where Cardi B was going with this. Finally, she gave him a hint, saying: "the fridge." An assistant opened the appliance to reveal it was off, and while there was no food inside, it was far from empty.

"You deserve it," she told her husband. "That's $500,000."

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Little something something for the Birthday boy @offsetyrn ❤️ Y O U

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"You don't have to give me this money," Offset said.

"I know I don't have to give you this money, but I don't know what to give you and I gotta give you something," Cardi B replied. "You could buy a car, you could buy more clothes, you could buy jewelry, you could buy me more Birkin bags. You could do whatever the hell you want."

"Happy birthday, but don't expect no Christmas gift from me. Ain't no Christmas gift. Only for the kids," she added.

Many fans were happy for Cardi B, seeing her flex her newfound wealth in such an all-out way. Others, however, commented saying the display was garrish, and the money could have gone to a better use. Some were especially upset considering Offset's alleged cheating, saying Cardi B should not lavish such gifts on him after everything he has put her through.


Of course, in her defense, many fans pointed out that Cardi B and Offset are married, so their wealth is shared regardless. If anything, the stacks of cash were more of a stunt than a gift, assuming the couple shares their resources.

Cardi B and Offset were married in secret back in 2017, letting fans believe they were just engaged for months afterward. They share one daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus.