'Blue Bloods' Star Donnie Wahlberg's Exercise Bike Present for Wife Jenny McCarthy Has Instagram Sounding Off

Fans know at least one gift The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy will be opening this morning on Christmas from husband Donnie Wahlberg after the Blue Bloods star took to Instagram to show a sneak peek. Not only that, but he poked a little fun with his caption as well and now fans are showing their support for the actor. Recently, Wahlberg shared a photo of him by a Peloton bike as if he were going to gift it to his wife on the 25th despite the controversy that surrounds it. Now, fans are coming forward to share their thoughts, including McCarthy herself!

One fan wrote, "If she wants it and he gets it for her, he's an AWESOME hubby. That's what I would tell mine at least," while someone else echoed, "As long as you listen to her wants, you're golden - therapist here."

McCarthy chimed in herself saying, "OMG!!!!!! Donnie!! You got it for me?!?!!!!! Thank you mister!!!! And you're hilarious!!! I love you!! [pink hearts and kiss face emoji]."

Another follower commented, "Tell your 'friend' he's a good hubby and to get her what she wants! Happy Wife = Happy Life! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful wife!"

Another one of Wahlberg's followers encouraged the smart bike as well saying, "Give it to her esp. if she has been asking for it. Exercise is good for everyone. yes he is a good husband," she responded as several others mentioned how great of a husband the actor is to his wife for getting her something she was asking for.


Earlier this month, the Peloton bike commercial made waves after it featured a wife receiving one of the smart bikes for Christmas. The wife, played by actress Monica Ruiz, started her new exercise routine as she documented her journey but the ad was accused of everything from showing an outdated portrayal of marriage, to being sexist.