Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Spark Rumors of Secret Wedding After New Photos

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are sparking rumors of a secret wedding after photos of a Saturday stroll popped up online. According to the New York Post, who also received the photos, Stefani and Shelton were at a Santa Monica park with 7-year-old Apollo when a photographer caught something special on her hand. See the photos from the New York Post.

A simple zoom-in shows what looks to be a wedding ring on the No Doubt singer's hand alongside her engagement ring. The "sparkling diamond band" is position right next to her massive engagement ring.

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Now it could very well be a ring, and no confirmation has come from the couple. But it is a fancy-looking ring and the positioning does send a few signals you could run with if curious. But at this moment, it is all speculation. However, the couple is definitely going to be married at some point officially.

Shelton and Stefani have been connected romantically since 2015 after meeting on NBC's The Voice as opposing judges. From there, it has really been a bit of a country music reality miracle for the couple. Shelton would officially propose in October 2020 and now the wedding seems to be very, very close, if it didn't already happen.

The country crooner found his place with Stefani shortly after his breakup with fellow country singer Miranda Lambert. Stefani was previously connected to Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale and finalized her divorce from the musician in 2016. They share three sons, including Apollo.


Stefani had just closed out her week at a bridal shower she was "kidnapped" to attend. "Feeling loved feeling blessed," Stefani wrote in the caption for the bridal shower post. "I want her to do all of that stuff and handle it because it's going to be great," Shelton said regarding the wedding and all the planning involved. "She's in the middle of planning the thing, and she's always so mindful... of me. She's like, 'Hey, I don't want to just take this thing over.' I think she's having a blast doing it. I mean, I know she's having a blast doing it."

Shelton also expanded on his feelings toward Stefani, including the opportunities he gets to perform alongside his fiancee. "There's been times where she comes out on stage, we'll have a plan if she's at one of my concerts and we always try to keep it on the down low, and then we'll start [previous duets] 'Nobody But You' or 'Go Ahead And Break My Heart,' and then I'll be singing it," Shelton told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. "And here I am dying from the time I stand on stage, walk out on stage until that moment hits, because I know on that set list people are going to s— in their seats when Gwen Stefani walks out here. It's like I'm a kid on Christmas morning. And so that's what it's like for me working with her. It's just exciting, it really is."