'Big Bang Theory' Star Kaley Cuoco Jokes About 'Divorcing and Living Separate Lives' After Husband Karl Cook Posts Embarrassing Photo

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook are two of the funniest celebrities to watch online, and their latest exchange is a perfect example as to why. Cook, an accomplished equestrian, is notorious for posting embarrassing photos of his wife on Instagram. His post on Saturday was yet another one of those, as it features the Big Bang Theory actress posing in an unflattering hunched-up position in bed.

Cook straight up says "this is not one of those times" where Cuoco is flaunting her "beauty and grace" and adds a pretty savage roast remark, writing "where's your neck?" He does put a cherry on top by telling the actress that he loves her at the end, but Cuoco still wanted to have her say in the matter. She jumped in the post's comments to jokingly bring up some tabloid rumors he may not want to come true.

"I read somewhere that we are divorcing and living separate lives. It's worth mentioning," Cuoco wrote.

Cuoco recently commented on Cook's tendency to post embarrassing snapshots of her, saying that he is "bold" and doesn't ask permission to upload them.

"No, he's his own man," Cuoco told Entertainment Tonight. "He makes his own Instagram decisions. He's bold. ... Well, he doesn't ask me before he posts them, so… He just, he loves a good sleeping picture. Not Sleeping Beauty, like he loves a [real sleeping photo], and he loves to take a picture from down here. It's his favorite thing to do. He's just funny."

As far as those "separate lives" rumors Cuoco was referencing, they likely stem from the couple's current living arrangement. They aren't living together yet, and don't even see each other every day. However, Cuoco, who is set to star in the upcoming shows Harley Quinn and The Flight Attendant, intends for that to change once their home is finished being built.

"We have a very unconventional marriage, you know, we have different locations that we're at a lot," she recently told E! News. "You know, we're not together every single day and I think, personally, it's important, it works well for us. If we want to Instagramshame each other, Instagramshame each other. It just makes life really fun."


She added, "We're building our dream house. We're eventually going to be under the same roof forever."

Photo Credit: Ella DeGea/Getty Images