'Big Bang Theory' Star Johnny Galecki Joins Girlfriend Alaina Meyer on Family Vacation

Things are going well for Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki and his girlfriend, Alaina Meyer, as he accompanied her on a family vacation last month.

Galecki and Meyer have moved quickly from a secretive pair to one of Instagram's favorite celebrity couples. At the end of February, Meyer revealed that they became another step closer when Galecki joined her on an intimate family vacation. She posted a photo of herself, Galecki, two family members and a dog standing together in a picturesque outdoor setting wearing broad smiles.

"I'm feeling so grateful after our family vacation," Meyer wrote. "We made memories that will last a lifetime and we were surrounded by such genuine, loving people the whole time. I'm filled up with love and gratitude for the people in my life and the lessons we encounter to grow closer to our highest selves."

(Photo: Instagram @alainamariemeyer)

Meyer did not tag her location, and it was unclear where the vacation was, though the group all wore sturdy winter gear. Galecki did not seem to post any photos from the trip himself, though the actor has been using social media primarily to drive excitement for the ongoing final season of The Big Bang Theory.

This was just one of Meyer's recent posts showing off her tight-knit romance with Galecki. The two have become an inseparable item, with Meyer even joining the actor on the set of his show from time to time. They have attended award shows and red carpet events together, and Meyer has even been photographed meeting Galecki's A-list friends and co-stars, including his ex-girlfriend Sara Gilbert.

Judging by her Instagram, they have also spent a good deal of time working on music together, as Meyer is an event producer in the industry, and Galecki is a singer-songwriter in his own right.

To most, however, Galecki is still the prototypical TV nerd Leonard Hofstadter, as he has been for over ten years. Galecki and his co-stars are wrapping up their run on one of the biggest network shows of the decade, with twelve seasons and virtually unstoppable ratings.


The Big Bang Theory Season 12 has six more episodes to go before it is over for good. The show is on a brief hiatus between episodes, with the last new one airing on March 7. It will return on Thursday, April 4, and finish its historic run on May 16. The show airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.