'Big Bang Theory' Star Johnny Galecki, 43, Makes Red Carpet Debut With 21-Year-Old Girlfriend Alaina Meyer

Johnny Galecki was accompanied to the E! People's Choice Awards 2018 by his 21-year-old girlfriend, Alaina Meyer, on Sunday night in their red carpet debut.

Galecki and Meyer have been dating for some time now, with affectionate posts on Instagram dating back to at least July. This weekend, they took things even more public when they stepped onto the red carpet arm-in-arm. Galecki wore a smart blue suit, while Meyer rocked a simple black dress.

"Peeps choice was so fun with my bae," Meyer captioned a photo of the couple on Instagram afterward. She documented the outing on her Story as well, from a video of them getting their hair and make-up done together to the event itself. They even posed for a photo with Sara Gilbert, Galecki's co-star on Roseanne and The Conners, and his ex from many years ago. Galecki re-posted this on his own Instagram as well.

(Photo: Instagram @alainamariemeyer)

"Two of the very favorite women in my life," he wrote. "You keep my heart swelling and healthy, [Alaina Marie Meyer] and [Sara Gilbert]."

Naturally, the 22-year age gap between Galecki and Meyer has raised some questions. Many fans have commented on both Meyer and Galecki's posts wondering what the two have in common, and worrying about their dynamic.

(Photo: Instagram @alainamariemeyer)

"What about Kaley? I would've thought that she means more to you than the 21 yr old who you just met a few months ago," one fan wrote. "I love [Sara Gilbert] though!"

"Gilbert so disappointed in her," added another.

Still, many people support the couple, who have become known for their photogenic antics on social media. In addition to acting, Galecki loves to play rock and country music, and some of their posts have hinted that Meyer is helping in that regard. Through that and many other heartwarming moments, they have won over some of Galecki's adoring fans.

"Awww! This is A great picture of you 3!" one fan wrote. "Johnny you and [Alaina] make A great couple and I am glad that you are happy! And I am glad that you and [Sara]are still great friends! I hope you have A great day Johnny!"

Galecki's show, The Big Bang Theory, was up for three awards at the People's Choice Awards on Sunday, including best show of 2018 and best comedy show of 2018. Galecki's co-star, Jim Parsons, was also up for best comedy TV star of 2018.


The Big Bang Theory is in its final season, and fans are split over its impending departure. The show airs on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.