Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Reach Divorce Settlement

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have reportedly reached a divorce settlement, which will be filed as soon as Affleck is discharged from rehab.

Affleck checked into The Canyon at Peace Park, a high-end rehab facility in Malibu used by many celebrities, earlier this week, according to multiple reports. The actor has apparently been struggling with alcoholism recently, so much so that it contributed to his break-up with Lindsay Shookus. Garner, is said to have staged an intervention and convinced him to seek help. According to a new report by TMZ, the couple came to an agreement on their divorce at the same time.

Sources said that Affleck and Garner did not have a pre-nuptial agreement, meaning that all of their earnings during their 12-year marriage are legally joint property. Their respective lawyers have worked endless hours to parcel out Garner and Affleck's shared fortune, including their homes, cars, furniture and other assets.

Meanwhile, Garner and Affleck has reportedly agreed to joint custody of their three children. Whatever their other differences are, insiders say that the stars make great co-parents, and they find it easy to work together in this regard. As a result, they have decided to keep the terms of their shared custody fluid — allowing one parent to spend extra time with the kids while the other is working, and vice versa.

A few details remain mysterious — including the amount of time Affleck will be allotted with his kids, and the living situation of himself and Garner. Still, the settlement is reportedly finished, and will be submitted upon Affleck's completion of of rehab.

The actor has been open about his alcoholism for at least 20 years now. He first went through rehab in 2001, and has reportedly stayed away from alcohol after seeing how it affected other members of his family. However, sources told TMZ that he has been on and off the wagon since early 2017. He checked into a residential rehab program in March of last year, but quickly fell off of the wagon again.

Now, the stakes are apparently higher than ever.


Haunting paparazzi photos circulated this week showing Affleck and Garner having a a conversation in the car, and it seems she was able to convince him to get help once again. There is no telling what will happen to their current divorce settlement if Affleck does not complete his rehab program.