Anna Faris Implies She Won't Marry Boyfriend Michael Barrett After Chris Pratt Divorce

Anna Faris opened up about her relationship with Michael Barrett this week, saying that she may not get married again.

Faris has been through two divorces in the past, and from the sound of it, she does not want to risk another. She joined Laura Wasser for a two-part episode of her Divorce Sucks! Podcast, and the second half dropped on Monday. On it, Faris said frankly that she believes in love, but that marriage itself might not be for her.

Faris confirmed that she has been seeing Barrett seriously, and guessed that it had been about "a year and a half." Without hesitation, Wasser asked: "Wedding bells?"

"I will say, I believe in love and monogamy, and I believe in the commitment... with a relationship," Faris said. "But I do struggle — having gone through it a couple of times now, Laura — with the idea of our legal system."

"I struggle with that on kind of a feminist level," Faris went on. "There's a lot there, you can't just..."
"Throw that out there?" Wasser suggested.

On a lighter note, Faris said that she was finding it less and less fun to attend weddings themselves.

"I'm not crazy about weddings unless I get to be, like, the super obnoxious person who doesn't have to be a bridesmaid," she said. "I can just be, like, the date who's like: 'oh, we regret that $75.'"

Faris was married to Ben Indra, whom she met on the set of Lovers Lane, from 2004 to 2007. Faris paid Indra quite a bit in the divorce settlement, just as her career was reaching new heights. Two years later, she married Chris Pratt, with whom she shares a son. They divorced just last year.

In the first part of her interview with Wasser, which was released last week, Faris spoke about Pratt's impending marriage to his new girlfriend Katherine Schwarzenegger. Faris spoke about how "sweet" Pratt was when he called her before making his proposal to Schwarzenneger.

"He called me and he was like: 'so, I'm going to ask Katherine to marry me,'" she remembered. "'I just want to give you a heads up.' I was like that's awesome, you know?"


"I told him I was an ordained minister," she added, laughing.

Faris' interview covers a wide array of topics, from the finer points of divorce in different cases to the aftermath for families and couples. The Divorce Sucks! Podcast comes from the Podcast One network and is available for free.