David Otunga Cleared in Domestic Violence Investigation Against Jennifer Hudson

David Otunga, Jennifer Hudson's longtime boyfriend and former fiance, will not face domestic charges after an incident with the singer in November.

TMZ reported Thursday that Illinois police investigated Hudson's claim that Otunga pushed her out of their bedroom and grabbed their 8-year-old son by the hand after getting angry. The report was filed in Burr Ridge, Illinois.

Police finished their investigation and decided not to charge Otunga, a retired WWE wrestler.

In November, Hudson and Otunga ended their relationship. The two were together for a decade, and engaged since 2008. They also welcomed their son, David Otunga Jr., in 2009.

Hudson also received a protective order against Otunga. "Jennifer's actions are solely taken in the best interest of their son," Hudson's representative told PEOPLE at the time.

Later, it was reported that Otunga and Hudson started sleeping in separate rooms about six months before announcing the split. Hudson claimed Otunga became "increasingly aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior" towards Hudson and her son.

In addition to the alleged incident in November that Otunga won't be charged for, Hudson also claimed Otunga interrupted a studio session on Nov. 15. She accused Otunga of bursting in to tell their son, "Don't let your mom's boyfriend motherf---ing touch you." The singer said Otunga believed she was dating one of her music producers.

Hudson also accused Otunga of threatening her with a gun, and he would leave it on their kitchen table. He told her it was a prop, but she didn't believe him. In her request for a protection order, Hudson asked that Otunga not be allowed to carry firearms.

In late November, Hudson dropped the first restraining order, after Otunga agreed to never return to the home they shared. Otunga was also named the primary custodial parent of their son.

In December, Hudson sought an emergency protection order to stop Otunga's "continued efforts to place [her] in a bad light and tarnish her reputation.” Hudson claimed Otunga or a "third party on his behalf" leaked out "false" information to win full custody of their son.

"[Otunga]’s and his agents’ ongoing effort to place [her] in a false light and creative negative news is harmful to the parties’ child and to [her] career," Hudson claimed in December.

Hudson said that "without [her] career, the family would suffer irreparable injury financially as she is primary supporting the family due to [Otunga]’s voluntary underemployment."

On Jan. 3, The Blast reported that Otunga wanted Hudson to be found in contempt for violating a gag order with her Nov. 16 statement to PEOPLE.