Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Do Not Have a Baby on the Way, Report Says

A recent rumor claimed that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have a baby on the way, however a new report claims that is entirely false.

The rumor that was circulating was supposedly sourced by a "friend" close to the couple was planning to start a family together.

“The word is that Jennifer’s been undergoing IVF treatments, and she could already be pregnant with their first child. She’s staying quiet for now; only her inner circle knows,” the source was quoted as saying.

Additionally, the source went on to state, “She realized a few months into this relationship that Alex was the real deal. She figured: ‘Why not try to make a baby happen?'”

However, Gossip Cop has confirmed that this initial report is not accurate. It is completely false, they assert.

While the couple may not be starting a whole new family together, they have been dating for some time now, and are very close and even hit the gym together regularly.

In an interview last year, the former New York Yankee, opened up about the workout routine he and Lopez maintain.

Rodriguez confessed to E! News that the two work out all the time together. "She is a fitness enthusiast and she's a much better athlete than me."

He also revealed something from Lopez's past that fans may not know about, saying, "She's a former track star from junior high."

Rodriguez said while at a UFC gym, "She'll be here. She goes to TruFusion. She does all types of workouts which I don't try to keep up."

The last thing Rodriguez did in his interview was heap praise on Lopez, saying, "I think humility, work ethic, what an incredible daughter and mother she is and just a great team player. I've never seen anyone work and have the type of work ethic as she does."