Watch: Austin Forsyth Says Asking Jim Bob Duggar for Daughter's Hand in Marriage Was 'Nerve-Racking'

Before sweet, wedded bliss, Austin Forsyth had to one very important question to Joy-Anna’s father, Jim Bob Duggar.

In a sneak peek at Monday night’s episode, Joy-Anna’s beau prepares himself to ask the Duggar patriarch for his blessing to propose — and it was just as intimidating as it sounds.

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Forsyth and Joy-Anna got married at the end of May, but says in an interview for the reality series that the experience of asking for her hand in marriage was “a little nerve-wrecking.”

In a clip for the show, Forsyth is cleaning up one of his family’s home when Duggar pops in. The two begin talking about the renovations, but it’s when the 23-year-old tells him he’s glad he stopped over that the real conversation begins.

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you about something,” he starts. “You know this is my fifth house and [I have a] commitment with my dad about selling it before I can get married. I really know that the Lord has brought Joy and I’s path together, and I’ve seen him working firsthand — I wanted to ask for your blessing for her hand in marriage.”

Duggar, 51, remains quiet, uttering a soft, “wow.”

“It’s a lot to ask of a man, to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage,” says Forsyth. “And it’s a huge responsibility for me to take on — I don’t take it lightly.”

Duggar tells Austin it’s a “big step,” adding that it was about a year ago that Forsyth had asked him for permission to get to know Joy-Anna on a closer friendship level.

The father takes his time to answer with Jill’s husband Derick Dillard interjecting in a voice over with interview that “Jim Bob likes to kind of draw out the whole process whenever you ask him to marry one of his daughters.”

Cutting to Ben Seewald on the couch with Jessa, he laughs, “He’ll look down and say: ‘Well….’ I don’t know if he’s just having a little fun with the moment or if he’s just genuinely thinking through it. He never just says: ‘Sure!’”

Counting On airs Monday nights on TLC.

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