'GMA' Is Forcing Michael Strahan To End Endorsement Deals


Michael Strahan's new role on "Good Morning America" is going to force him to walk away from his lucrative endorsement deals. ABC News does not allow their employees to pitch products, and Strahan will be no exception to the rule, according to an ABC News spokesperson. Strahan currently has deals with Subway, Pizza Hut, Snickers, Metamucil, Right Guard and Dr. Pepper. 

"Michael's endorsements are set to expire in the next few months and won't be renewed. His clothing line [with J.C. Penney] will continue, and he's held to the same disclosure standard as anyone else at ABC News," the network said in statement to the New York Post. The rep for ABC News also continued stating, "If there is a story we're reporting that involves a conflict of interest or a perception of conflict, Michael won't cover it, or it will be disclosed on-air."

Strahan recently jumped ship from "Live With Kelly and Michael," in order to take on a prominent role on "Good Morning America." Strahan was not required to drop his endorsement deals until now as "Live" does not fall under ABC News like "GMA," which blocks employees from endorsing products to avoid potential conflicts of interest, according to The Wrap.

Strahan's former co-host on "Live," Kelly Ripa, reportedly felt blindsided by Strahan's abrupt departure from the show. Ripa skipped several shows after the news broke regarding Strahan's upcoming move to 'GMA.' She has since returned to the show as things were worked out behind the scenes. "Live" is now testing out a series of guest hosts as they search for a full-time replacement for Strahan.

While this may seem like a serious blow to Strahan, he may not be too concerned about dropping his endorsement deals. In addition to his expanded role on "GMA," Strahan will also be hosting the re-launched game show "The $100,000 Pyramid."

What are your thoughts? Do you think leaving "Live" and being forced to drop his endorsement deals in order to join "GMA" was the right career move for Michael Strahan?