Here's How Much the iPhone X Will Cost

At the highly anticipated keynote event on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the company’s newest device that is having tech users drooling, but its price might set you back a bit.

(Photo: Apple / Live Stream)

Launching the premium version of Apple’s flagship device this fall, Cook revealed on Tuesday the company will be releasing the iPhone X or iPhone 10, a smartphone defined simply by its exclusivity.

Featuring an all-screen display, facial recognition software, animojis and wireless charging, the new device will be a lot like the originals, but higher priced and constrained in availability as a way for Apple to track new technologies with a smaller pool.

Serving as a status symbol for owners, the iPhone X will start at $999, for 64GB and 256 GB. Tech lovers can order on Oct. 27, and the device, just in time for the holiday season will ship on Nov. 2.

As a phone that doesn’t require a home button or even that fingerprint sensor either, it will move more towards the biometric IDs of facial recognition with its exclusive software. Apple is positioning the X as a whole new class of device, and one that its competition will need to look to if they want to set themselves up for success.