Two Dead After Mass Shooting in Toronto Neighborhood

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Two Dead After Mass Shooting in Toronto Neighborhood

Netflix Stock Hits All-Time High, Nearing $200 per Share

It seems as though there's no way to slow down the juggernaut that Netflix has become. The stocks for the streaming service are now close to topping $200 per share for the very first time.

According to CNBC, Netflix has continued to build momentum following its decision to slightly raise its subscription prices. The most popular subscription is in the process of going from $10 to $11, and the stock price rose up with it.

On Friday, one share of Netflix stock cost $198.92, which marked a record high. That price rose up 0.7 percent on Monday, bringing the share cost up to $199.40. This marks a 59 percent increase from this time last year.

When you look at what Netflix has coming in the near future, it's entirely likely that stock could continue to rise before the year is out. Between now and December, the streaming service is set to roll out the first seasons of David Fincher's Mindhunter and Marvel's The Punisher, as well as the highly-anticipated second season of Netflix's darling sci-fi series, Stranger Things.

In addition to raising the price on the standard plan, Netflix also increased the premium plan a couple of dollars, from $12 to $14 per month. The basic plan however, stayed at $8.