Jamie Foxx Grooving to Diana Ross at the AMAs Will Never Get Old

Legendary songstress Diana Ross hit the American Music Awards stage on Sunday — and no one was happier than Jamie Foxx.

Ross received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the show and, as the guest of honor, she performed a medley of her most famous hits.

During the chorus of “Ease on Down the Road,” the camera panned to Foxx, who was soaking in the iconic performance. The actor and singer was grooving to the hit from The Wiz, moving his shoulders, snapping his fingers and singing along.

Naturally, the internet loved Foxx's "dad moves" as he rocked out next to his daughter, Corinne Foxx.

Corinne accompanied her dad to the awards, and the pair opened the show with a powerful speech about the darkness, pain and hardship Americans have experienced this year.

“This year more than perhaps any other in recent history, we needed the power of music to help us escape the news of the day,” Foxx said. “We needed the power of music to help us heal.”

He also paid tribute to first responders who risk their lives to keep others safe.

“With us tonight are some of our first responders who ran towards the danger when it would have been so easy to run way,” he told the crowd.

Following his emotional intro, he welcomed the show's opening performers, Pink and Kelly Clarkson, who riffed their way through a powerful rendition of "Everybody Hurts.”

The opening segment referenced all the pain 2017 has brought, with shootings in multiple cities, acts of terror, unprecedented natural disasters and allegations of sexual assault in Hollywood that have been brought to light.

As singers and celebrities acknowledge the hardship the year has brought, they sang messages of hope for the future.

"As this year comes to a close, we look forward to 2018 with hope. For even as we mourn those who were lost, we know this: together, our strength will pull us through," Foxx said. “Together, we shall overcome the pain.”

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