More Nude Blac Chyna Pics Have Been Discovered

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The social media storm between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna has just gotten even worse, as another man has entered the fight.

Ferrari, Chyna's man on the side, posted pictures of the two of them in bed on his Instagram account. Instead of trying to attack Chyna with these posts, Ferrari looks to be going after Kardashian.

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The two pictures show Chyna and Ferrari in the bed where Kardashian insists he and his ex conceived their child together.

This retaliation apparently has nothing to do with Chyna, but about the fact that Kardashian called Ferrari "broke" during one of his earlier rants.

According to TMZ, sources close to Ferrari say he's out to get payback on the Kardashian. Those same sources also insist that the photos were taken a month ago, before Rob knew about Chyna and Ferrari's relationship. Kardashian reportedly found out about Chyna's sexual partners from Ferrari's baby mama and received a message from the woman telling him all about the relationship between the two.

These photos make it pretty clear that the two were sleeping together at some point.

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