You've Gotta See Xavier Woods Dressed Up As Bayley

Xavier Woods of the New Day is currently at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. The man most known for his love of video games outside of WWE is obviously enjoying himself at the festival, which celebrates games, fantasy, comics, music, and film.

But rather than flying under the radar and promoting his gaming channel, Up Up Down Down, the former WWE tag team champion is drawing some attention for his cosplay of WWE's womens star Bayley. You've gotta see it to believe it.

Bayley, for her part, obviously loved the tribute.

WWE has also promoted the Woods cosplay on their social media accounts and website. But Wood's imitation of Bayley wasn't the only wrestling star to be the target of his humor this weekend. Most recently, Xavier went after the man who is arguably the most popular non-WWE wrestler in the world these days.

Following a costume change into what looks to be a Power Rangers outfit, Woods made it a point to take a picture with a man in a Kenny Omega t-shirt. He then directed the photo (and take down) to "The Cleaner" himself via Twitter.

The New Day has long had a running online war of words with Omega and his partners the Young Bucks, also known as The Elite. We've seen each team wearing the other team's t-shirts, as well as unofficial challenges being declared. The Elite even went so far as to design a t-shirt (Super Kix) mocking the New Day's Boot-o's last year.

Omega, who has a very active presence on social media, wasn't to be outdone. He came back with a sick burn on Woods in response to his photo.