The Cruiserweights Are Not Happy About Enzo Amore's Big Win

While it was expected for fans to be upset about Enzo Amore's big victory at No Mercy, negative remarks from his peers comes as a surprise.

Enzo nabbed Neville's Cruiserweight Championship in thanks to an unseen low blow. Despite it being the most noteworthy thing to have ever happened in 205 Live, WWE's Cruiserweights took to Twitter to send social media jabs at the new Champion.

While it serves the narrative for Amore's peers to be upset at his cheap victory, it's not hard to imagine some of this disdain being genuine. Enzo's backstage reputation is not good, to put it simply. His attention-seeking behavior isn't just an act, that is actually the person he is. This ostentatious persona has no doubt begun to wear thin in WWE, so much so, that Enzo was kicked out of the locker room earlier this summer.

Enzo being a pest is not news. However, Cruiserweights may have another gripe - Amore just skipped the line. Having only been on 205 Live for a few weeks, Enzo was handed not just a title match, but the actual Cruiserweight Championship. Even more, he did it without one flip, suplex or back handspring. It's not hard to imagine the guys of 205 Live feeling like Amore is an imposter.

However, they're wrong to be salty. While WWE did move Enzo to the top rather quickly, it was out of necessity. Outside of Neville, the Cruiserweight show is totally miss-able. Akira Tozawa was fun but he's already sipped out of the picture. While the division is loaded with world-class talent it's sorely missing personality. Part of that is WWE's fault as the Cruiserweights have;t exactly got an enviable stage, but Amore's larger than life persona makes him look like Ric Flair compared to the rest of the crop.

But hey, Enzo does have one supporter on 205 Live.



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