Why WWE Must Televise Starrcade on the WWE Network

As you have probably heard by now, WWE is bringing back Starrcade on November 25 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Unfortunately, the only people who will see it will be those who are in attendance.

At least for now.

The WWE must televise this show on the WWE Network. How is this even a debate? I'm guessing by the time we get to November, they will make the decision to air the show live on the WWE Network. But if they don't, let's recap why it would be mind boggling to let this opportunity pass them by.

Rewind to 2005. Remember ECW One Night Stand? The first one? If not, it was an unbelievable night of wrestling where WWE did everything that they could do to produce an authentic ECW reunion show. They spared no expenses or detail. The location, the entrance way, the ring, the referees, the announcers, the performers, and even the theme music.

ECW One Night Stand was a special show, one that fans still look back on fondly over a decade later. Starrcade could do the same thing for a new generation.

WCW never got a reunion show after their demise in 2001. Yes, there was a brief period of time where WWE considered starting a WCW brand right after the company was acquired, but that ended after a RAW crowd in Seattle crapped all over a WCW title match one fateful Monday evening in the spring of 2001.

Let Starrcade return the way it should, in an authentic way similar to how ECW rose from the grave 12 years ago. They've already probably got some names from the past coming back, and there still could possibly be a very big name coming in for the show: Ric Flair. If Flair is able to make his first public appearance since his health crisis at Starrcade, it would be one of the most memorable moments in the history of his career.

Just as in the way the ECW One Night Stand show felt authentic all the way around, they should do the same for Starrcade. Ring ropes, turnbuckle pads, the ring skirt, and the entrance way (I'm thinking the old elevated ramp, that was elevated all the way to the ring).


The Greensboro Coliseum will be rocking on November 25, and the show has a chance to be one of the most memorable events in recent history if produced correctly. It would be a travesty to not let the entire wrestling world share in this throwback card, especially as more legendary names are no doubt added to the line-up over the next couple of months. Making it televised would also add to the excitement for those in Greensboro that night, probably helping it sell-out. Let's be real, untelevised WWE shows virtually never sell-out these days.

Make it happen WWE. Add Starrcade 2017 to the WWE Network schedule, and do everything in your power to make it an authentic experience. It is in your best financial interest to do so.