WWE: Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens Exchange Barbs Over Viral Video

Earlier today, a video went viral on Twitter showing Kevin Owens trashtalking a fan while putting Roman Reigns in a chinlock. At one point, Reigns had to put his hands over his face, as he couldn't help but laugh at the savagery of Owens's insults.

Of course, laughing while suffering through a devastatingly painful submission hold is a big no-no in terms of keeping kayfabe, so Reigns needed to think quick or risk exposing the business to millions of impressionable young wrestling fans on the Internet. So, Roman took to Twitter to explain his actions in the ring last night.

Leave it to Roman Reigns to remind everyone that he's the WWE's big moneymaker.

On a normal day, Reigns would have had the last laugh, but luckily Kevin Owens was lurking nearby to remind the WWE Universe why he's the champ.

So who do you think won tonight's Twitter exchange? And could this be a hint of what's to come at the Royal Rumble?


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