WWE Releases Official Breezango "Fashion Police" Shirt

Breezango won their tag match at Money in the Bank this weekend against the not-so-surprise reveal attackers The Ascension. Now WWE is cashing-in on the popularity of the "Fashion Police" duo, releasing their first official merchandise on the WWE Shop.

The shirt, which resembles a police academy training tee, doesn't actually bear their official team name, but rather "Fashion Patrol" (perhaps a fan designation ala "Caesaro Section," "Roman Empire," and "Balor Club").

Not surprisingly, it does however contain several fashion related puns in the badge-style design, with smaller text reading "Chic and Destroy" and "Protest and Restyle," and large text on the back displaying "You Have The Right To Remain Stylish"

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Ironically it's not a terribly fashion-forward looking shirt, as the large text on back is a common criticism of WWE tees among wrestling merch collectors.

It's a known fact by now that Tyler Breeze and Fandango's "Fashion Files" segments are consistently the most entertaining aspect of SmackDown Live, if not all of WWE's weekly televised programming. Parodying TV police procedural tropes from Film Noir to Miami Vice, the vignette spots have elevated the duo from underrated pre-show jobbers to the latest fan favorites in the tag team division.

You can "cop" the Breezango shirt here. With the recent break-ups of so many other beloved duos, expect to see clearance sales on Golden Truth and "Certified G" Enzo & Cass shirts on the WWE Store, as well as a lot more deputized "Fashion Patrol" blue in the crowd going forward.


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