What to Expect on Tonight's WWE RAW

WWE is counting down the days to SummerSlam as RAW takes place tonight at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

The main event for tonight's broadcast has already been announced. Roman Reigns will be taking on Braun Strowman in a "Last Man Standing" match. Will the trend continue with the main event actually taking place just before the third hour of the show? That was a source of discussion last week as Reigns vs. Strowman vs. Joe, the advertised main event, took place with an hour left in the show while Big Show vs. Big Cass were in the traditional show-closing, main event spot.

From a numbers perspective, it makes sense to put your featured match on an hour before the show closes. The final hour of RAW typically sees a nosedive in the ratings (frankly, the show is too long), so if you want the most eyeballs on your stars before people start tuning out, 10 p.m. ET is a good time to send out the big guns.

Also announced for tonight's RAW in Toronto is an appearance from Brock Lesnar. With his fatal four-way match against Strowman, Reigns and Samoa Joe just a couple of weeks away at SummerSlam, the Universal Champion will likely participate in some sort of in-ring promo with his mouthpiece, Paul Heyman.

WWE also looks to provide some sort of an update on Bayley's shoulder injury and her status for SummerSlam tonight on RAW. It's been hinted at that she will be pulled from the WWE RAW women's championship match with Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam, so who do we think should replace her in the match?

WWE's 5 Point Preview for tonight's show also focuses on the Rollins/Ambrose and Balor/Wyatt storylines, so expect some major television time to be devoted to these feuds.

WWE has built up the Rollins and Ambrose tag team very well; it's been entertaining watching Rollins (rightfully) have to earn the trust back of his former Shield teammate. Will the duo capture the tag team titles at SummerSlam? And will this be the catalyst for the much anticipated Shield reunion?


As far as Balor goes, he and Bray had a really cool segment last week where they went face to face (or should we say, back to back) in the ring. We've got to assume we are moving toward seeing the Demon appear for the first time since last year's SummerSlam.