WWE Reviving Historic Match for Upcoming PPV

WWE may be planning a very distinct stipulation that would definitely make a spectacle of Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton's title rematch at the upcoming Battleground PPV. According to Sportskeeda, there are rumored plans to bring back the Punjabi Prison Match for the first time in 10 years, marking only the third time we will have seen this elaborate ring set-up in action.

The exotic gimmick match was made famous by several of the most physically imposing superstars to come "From Parts Unknown." The very first use of a Punjabi Prison Match took place was at the 2006 Great American Bash, where Big Show took on The Undertaker.

But it is perhaps most well known for the following year's showdown between Batista and Jinder Mahal's friend and mentor, The Great Khali at the No Mercy PPV. Khali actually hails from Punjab, and was the first ever Indian Superstar to hold the World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history.

It is expected that the return of the Punjabi Prison match will officially be announced this week on SmackDown Live possibly as the main event for the upcoming Battleground PPV. On July 23, the SmackDown-exclusive event will feature Mahal vs. Orton facing off for their third (and possibly final) major showdown, with the WWE Championship once again on the line.

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But the stakes will be higher than ever when the bamboo cage descends over the ring in a fitting end to their storyline, which has seen The Modern Day Maharaja, Jinder Mahal, ascend as a champion of his people and symbol of the WWE's reaching out to Indian fans and talent alike.

Mahal's unexpected reign has given us plenty of spectacle in the form of traditional Punjabi celebrations, ornate rugs as ring decor, and flying Singh Brothers (fka "The Bollywood Boys"). But it has also resulted in the WWE increasingly resorting to tired "evil foreigner" tropes, with the heel champion frequently berating "stupid Americans" in promos.

However, Randy Orton's run-of-the-mill responses of defending "American Values" have come off as equally uninspired. Despite many fans' hatred of Jinder, it's doubtful they feel as passionately about the prospect of Orton winning back the Championship belt.


Nevertheless, it will be interesting to these two face off in this distinct type of match-- one that will play to the extreme physicality of both rivals, more-so than the giants who have previously been placed in the thrilling, exotic confines of *old-timey radio voice*~ the Punjabi Prison.

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