WWE Upgrades Naomi's Championship Belt

The WWE Universe will soon be feeling even more glow when SmackDown Women's Champion, Naomi, enters the ring. It was revealed this weekend at a WWE Live show that the leader of the Blue Brand's women's division was given an upgrade to her championship belt.

Fittingly, LED lights were added to the strap so that it can also be visible during Naomi's amazing, glow-in-the-dark entrance.

The new belt will likely debut on tonight's episode of SmackDown when Naomi defends her championship against a familiar foe.

On last Tuesday SmackDown, Naomi, beat Lana for the second time in 8 days. After shrugging off Lana's finisher, It only took 2 offensive maneuvers for Naomi to thwart her ravishing opponent. As the referee counted three it felt like would never see Lana wrestle again.

However, there is no rest for the wicked. Lana has tossed out her challenge flag. Using the power of Twitter, Lana claims that she was in fact not beaten.

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Sure enough, SmackDown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, took note of the complaint and scheduled another rematch between Lana and Naomi.

Upon hearing the new, Naomi took to Twitter.

The booking of a 3rd match in two weeks allows for some interesting speculation. WWE could have Naomi squash Lana once again, but that seems a little simple for this moment.

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Currently, SmackDown's women's division is red hot. The MITB controversy and the delightfully hateable performances by Carmella and James Ellsworth have taken women's wrestling to new heights. With such a weapon at their disposal, could we see a Carmella cash in this Tuesday?


If Lana is to upset Naomi, then we can expect Carmella and James Ellsworth to skip down to the ring to ruin Lana's coronation. Even if Naomi were to win, the timing of all this is lining up for Carmella to snake her way into the title picture.

It's nice to have some parody in a division that was thought to be forgotten not long ago. Credit goes out to WWE and the women division for fighting they way they have.