WWE: Marty Jannetty Compares His Legacy To John Cena

Are you sitting down? Because this will likely be the funniest thing you'll hear all day. Former WWE star and one half of The Rockers, Marty Jannetty, says his legacy will last longer than that of 16 time WWE Champion, John Cena. Marty believes that, unlike himself, almost no one will be talking about John Cena in 20 years.


Shawn Michaels' old running mate sat down with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to discuss how he felt about the negative connotation associated with being labeled "The Marty Jannetty" of a tag team. That's when Jannetty dropped what is surely the worst analogy in the history of wrestling.

"The Rockers haven't been together since '91 and what year is this? They are still talking about them. Even with John Cena who is the most popular guy there right now in twenty-something years from right now do you think they are going to be talking about John Cena? This is 2017, so in 2037 are they going to be talking about John Cena? They may but I kind of doubt it. The legacy and being the Marty Jannetty of the team people a lot of times ask does that bother me. Why would that bother me? Besides the fact I'm getting royalties every time they say it (laughing) it is keeping me alive as far as being in the business. Here is the thing they don't know; the "Marty Jannetty" is supposed to be the weak link but let me tell you what the Marty Jannetty of the team really is.

"All these guys were not known when they came to me and after they left me they went off to be famous. It is not who is the weak-link of the team it is like the teacher of the world. Billy Gunn used to say that I want to tag with you so bad because they should call you "Springboard Jannetty" because everyone that you tag with shoots to the top. So let that be my legacy and it is pretty much true and all these guys: Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, Bob Holly, Al Snow they are all students of mine (laughing)."

John Cena has tied and will likely surpass the all time record for World Championships and Marty Jannetty never really even had his own finishing move or theme song, but I think we can agree that in 20 years we will remember both superstars for their questionable fashion choices.

Janetty Cena

On the podcast, which can be downloaded at this link, Marty also discusses one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history, when Shawn Michaels sent him through the Barbershop window. As a child this was the moment that made me lose trust in humanity. How could you, Shawn?

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