Update on WWE's Decision to Fire Enzo Amore

In less than 24-hours, Enzo Amore went from WWE's Cruiserweight Champion to an unemployed man under criminal investigation for sexual assault. Plenty of details surfaced about the rape allegations facing Amore, and now we have more information of WWE's decision to fire him.

The alleged incident between Amore and Philomena Sheahan, an Arizona women, came in October of 2017. According to Sheahan, she went to Phoenix authorities days after the alleged rape and Enzo has been under investigation since. However, a report from Fightful says that Enzo has been aware of the open investigation but never mentioned it to WWE.

According to WrestleVotes, a Twitter account with an ear inside WWE, Vince McMahon gave Amore the boot upon seeing him Monday evening.

This story is barely 24-hours old and it is ripping through the internet. Sheahan has already spoken with TMZ Sports and gave a detailed account of t what happened that night with Enzo Amore.

Sheahan broke the story herself in a Tweet on Monday afternoon:

“OKAY..it’s been long enough & I have been so so scared to share this," she wrote. "I was raped in mid October by the WWE Enzo Amore (also known as Eric Arden) & Tyler Grosso & TOOPOOR let it happen as accomplices. I was in a mental hospital for 45 days after it. They ARE NOT good people," she wrote.

The 31-year old Amore has yet to say a word on the matter, but people who were with him that night vehemently denied Sheahan's claims within minutes of them going public.

This is a slippery situation as it stands and there will be dozens of more updates to follow. We will keep you posted as we learn more.