WWE Fans Don't Buy Stephanie McMahon's 'Celebrity Undercover Boss' Disguise

Stephanie McMahon took part in Friday's episode of Celebrity Undercover Boss, meeting independent wrestlers, photographers and fans looking to earn as job inside the WWE corporation.

As with all bosses on the show, McMahon had a professional makeup team help her change her appearance in order to avoid being recognized as the daughter of Vince McMahon. Her disguise was a woman by the name of Samantha Miles, a journalist wanting to learn about wrestling for her blog "I Don't Get It."

McMahon changed up her voice using a fake southern accent, and managed to keep her identity hidden from the people she met on the show. But the fans watching along at home didn't think the disguise was nearly through enough.

"She's looks like Stephanie McMahon in a blonde wig & glasses," a viewer wrote.

"Stephanie's Southern accent is not good lol," wrote another

"As a wrestling nerd, be honest — if you saw Stephanie McMahon in that disguise (on Celebrity Undercover Boos), you'd see right through it, eh?" tweeted another.

"Stephanie McMahon's blog is called 'I Don't Get It' C'mon now. Isn't that a little 'too' on the nose?" a viewer asked.

"Ain't no way they('re) working with NXT and don't know this is Stephanie McMahon in a wig," tweeted another.


McMahon interviewed a number of people during the episode, incuding former Tough Enough contestant Jake Atlas (real name Kenny Marquez) who had a dream of becoming the WWE's first openly gay world champion.

Another of her interactions involved her working as a photographer alongside Steven Wright Jr., a former Navy soldier who lost his leg and the tips of his fingers on his left hand while on duty. Wright had McMahon shoot photos of two NXT developmental wrestlers taking part in a backstage brawl, and he even gave her a good grade as a photographer afterwards.