Alexa Bliss Is Your 2018 Women's Money in the Bank Winner

The second-ever women's Money in the Bank match started off the second hour of Sunday night's WWE PPV event in Chicago.

The match saw the typical WWE formula of two or three performers wrestling in the ring while everyone else was laid out on the outside of the ring. When the match started all eight competitors collided in a massive pile of humanity, taking out the majority of them to set up the individual confrontations with the others fallen on the outside.

The first big move was Ember Moon hitting a springboard splash on to Sasha Banks across a ladder on the mat.

Charlotte and Naomi had a moment in the ring where they jostled for control of the ladder as the fans chanted "NXT." Naomi then came in the ring, jumped off the ladder and took out Natalya.

Naomi then took out Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks consecutively on the outside, hitting a particularly devastating neckbreaker off the ring apron on to Banks.

Naomi and Ember Moon briefly teamed together in the ring against Lynch, hitting a double drop kick in the corner on Lynch as she laid beneath the ladder. At that point, Naomi and Moon went against each other, with Moon hip-tossing Naomi into the ladder in the corner.

Banks came back into the ring, taking out Moon and then Lana. She stacked Moon and Lana on the ladder, which was wedged between the ropes in the corner, and gave them both a knee drop.

Banks became the first competitor to climb the ladder toward the briefcase, but she was tossed off by Charlotte. The two former NXT rivals then both climbed up the ladder, with Banks driving Charlotte's head into it as they fell to the ground. Charlotte quickly gained control with a neckbreaker thereafter, followed by a Razor's Edge attempt that Banks escaped by stepping onto the ladder and running up it. Lynch then pushed the ladder as Banks came off, taking out Charlotte and Natalya.

Lynch tried to climb the ladder until Bliss came into the ring to stop her. Bliss tried climbing the ladder but was pushed off by Banks. Banks and Bliss fought for position on the ladder until Lynch joined them as well. With all three women on the ladder, Lana positioned a taller ladder next to them. Moon and Natalya then came into the ring too and six women were on the ladders.

Banks was powerbomed off by Natalya. Lynch then fell as her ladder was knocked over. Bliss stepped on to the opposite ladder and was quickly pushed off. She came back and Bliss/Lana fought as did Charlotte and Moon. Charlotte powerbombed Moon into a ladder in the corner as Bliss discarded Lana.

Bliss gave Charlotte a Code Red as Charlotte was looking for a powerbomb. Lana and Bliss then had a confrontation, with Bliss taking Lana out with a hard slap but then running into a kick from Lana. Lana locked in the Accolade on Bliss.

As Lana climbed the ladder, Naomi springboarded on to the ladder and took out Lana. It looked like Naomi had the match won until Lynch dragged her off of it. Becky was then all alone and climbed to the top of the ladder and Charlotte joined her. Bliss came into the ring and pushed the ladder over, but both women landed on their feet. Charlotte then took out Bliss with a spear.

Banks came in and took Charlotte out with a backstabber, but she was then attacked from behind by Naomi. Next, Lana came in, took out Naomi and again climbed the ladder by herself. That is until Natalya came in and dropped her with an electric chair.

Natalya climbed the ladder as the crowd boo'ed, but Ember Moon came in and took her out with a superkick. Charlotte then gave Moon a spear into a ladder in the corner. Lynch gave Charlotte the becksploder suplex and went up the ladder. Bliss then came in and sent her off the ladder. Bliss climbed the ladder and took the briefcase to win the match.

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