Why Jinder Mahal Dropped His New Nickname

SmackDown's shocking new WWE Champion Jinder Mahal recently spoke with Josh Barnett for USA Today's "For The Win" about his unexpected victory over Randy Orton at WWE BackLash. In the interview Mahal discussed why he suddenly dropped the 'New American Dream' nickname that he had given himself after becoming the number one contender.

"Nobody told me to say that and nobody told me not to say it. It was just how I felt. I am the new American Dream because I have worked so hard to get to where I am. Many people don't give me the credit I deserve. No one in WWE is out-dieting me, no one is out-training me. It shouldn't be a surprise that I'm the WWE champion. Simply put, I am working the hardest.

"I could say that again. It's something I just believe. I enjoy being Talking Smack. It's an open forum. But literally not one person said, don't say that again."

Some of wrestling's most memorable names and catchphrases came about organically. Arn Anderson accidentally named the legendary Four Horsemen when he used the phrase in a promo and it stuck. Stone Cold's infamous Austin 3:16 catchphrase all came from his feud with Jake The Snake Roberts, who was using his newfound religion as part of his gimmick.

Despite what Mahal says, there is likely one major reason he dropped the American Dream moniker and no, it has nothing to do with the memory of Dusty Rhodes. Kevin Owens is currently calling himself the New Face Of America. To have Jinder going by the New American Dream is just too similar.

Hopefully, WWE realized their gimmicks were also running a little too similar as well and will try to give them more than just anti-American rhetoric for heat.

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Mahal also discussed how he could get fans to see him as a more credible WWE Champion.


"I see Randy and A.J. Styles (as opponents), but I'm hoping for Cena when he gets back (from hiatus). I know some people don't see me as championship material. I haven't fully gotten their confidence. Beating someone like Cena would solidify me in their eyes as champion."

If Mahal does keep the Championship for an extended period of time, I think we can all look forward to an eventual match with John Cena.