Undertaker Training Footage Ignites WrestleMania Rumors

Perhaps no WWE Superstar has mastered ambiguity more than the Undertaker. RAW 25 was just the latest example of this as The Deadman cut a circumspect promo that left the WWE universe scratching its head. However, Taker is a man of action, not words, and a new video just emerged that says plenty.

Michele McCool, Undertaker's wife, and former WWE Superstar posted a video of the Undertaker in training mode. While he wasn't practicing Tombstones and Chokeslams, he was moving a decent chunk of weight around - an image that lends itself to speculation. Even more, keen eyes pointed out that Taker's dyed his hair form Mark Calaway Grey to Deadman Black.

Normally, a man in his 50's deadlifting is not a story. But given the number of rumors surrounding an Undertaker's comeback, and that we're in the middle of WrestleMania season, this video will have a lot of the wrestling world concocting theories.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that the current plan is to have the two WWE icons square off at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. Meltzer qualified his assertion that unless Taker changes his mind, WWE will move forward with the match.

While it's still early, things are looking imminent. For several months now, Cena and Taker have made headlines as a contest WWE was eyeing. Now, it seems that we will finally get this overdue dream match.


Given that Taker issued a heavy retirement metaphor after his WrestleMania 33 loss to Roman Reigns, this surely will be his final match. At 52-years old, there's just not much left for him to accomplish in WWE, but an epic showdown with the face of WWE may be the perfect way to end an immaculate career.

For Cena, this marks his return to WWE's main event. Although one could make the argument that WWE's brightest stage is wherever Cena goes, but for the past few WrestleManias, Cena assumed more of a supporting cast member's role. But by entering the ring with the Undertaker, John Cena will have one of the biggest matches of his career.